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Last NameFaithorne    
Given NameWilliam    
alt. NamesW. F. ; Faithorne the Elder ;     
Childrenmezzotint engraver William Faithorne the Younger (1656-1686 / 1710)    
Year born1616 c.    
Year died1691    
Place of deathLondon?    
Father's occupation    
Educationapprenticed to the painter and printseller William Peake (c. 1580-1639)    
Country of ActivityUnited Kingdom    
Worked forRobert Hooke ; Robert Boyle ; John Ray (1627-1705) & Francis Willughby: Ornithology (1678) bk. 3 ; plates for John Brown in Phil. Trans. R. S. L. vol. 15, no. 178 (1685) ;    
PatronageRoyal Society; he portrayed eminent people: Sir Henry Spelman, Oliver Cromwell, Henry Somerset, John Milton, Queen Catherine, Thomas Hobbes, Charles I    
Collaboratorsengraver ->M. Burgesses ; engraver ->William Sherwin ; engraver ->Frederick van Hove ; printer John Martin ; Francis Willughby ;    
Techniquesornithological, zoological, natural, and technical copper engraving and painting    
Sample(s)www.critical.ru/calendar/image/hook2.jpg ;    
Archival sources    
Published sourcesNissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966; Zoolog. Buchillustr.ation 1969/78 ; Jackson 1989: 56, 59 & 250 ; Jardine: The Curious Life of Robert Hooke (2003: 101-3) ; Lapage 1961: 24 ; Meghan Doherty: Creating standards of accuracy-F's Art of Graving, in: R. D. Apple (ed.): Science in Print, 2012: 16-36 ; Robb-Smith 1951: 4 & #8 ;    
otherFaithorne worked as engraver (e.g., of the only signed pl. in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society during Henry Oldenburg's tenure as secr. 1665-77), portraitist (e.g. of Robert Boyle 1664), printer and print-seller with a shop near Temple Bar, London since c. 1650.    

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