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Last NameFuertes    
Given NameLouis Agassiz    
alt. NamesL. A. F. ;     
Year born1874 in in Ithaca, New York, USA    
Year died1927    
Place of deathUnadilla, New York    
Father's occupationEstevan Antonio Fuertes (1836-1903), prof. of technology at Cornell University, Ithaca, USA    
RelativesMary Stone Perry Fuertes (1840-1930) (mother) from Troy, New York    
Educationtraining by zoologist Burt Green Wilder (1841-1925) and botanist Libery Hyde Bailey (1858-1954) at Cornell Univ., graduating w. a. B.A.    
Country of ActivityUnited States of America    
Worked fornaturalist and ornithologist Florence Augusta Merriam Bailey (1863-1948) ; naturalist and ornithologist Mabel Osgood Wright (1859-1934) ; ->Gerald H. Thayer ; L. A. F.: Ornithology laboratory notebook ; Wild animals of North America ; Frank M. Chapman: Warblers N.America (1907) ; Olive Thorne Miller: 2nd Book Birds (1901) ; Leander S. Keyser: Birds Rockies (1902) ; Elon Howard Eaton: Birds New York (1917) ; Henry W. Henshaw: Friends Forests, Nat. Geogr. 1917 ; Joseph Grinnell, Harold Bryant & Tracy Storer: Game Birds of California (1918) ;    
PatronageCornell University; der American Ornithologists’ Union (A.O.U): Associate 1891; Cayuga Bird Club.; Stewart Park; Boy Scouts of America: 1927 Honors    
Collaboratorsmentor of ornithologist & artist ->George M. Sutton ; artist Bruce Horsfall ;
T. G. Pearson ; Brooks ;    
Techniqueszoological and ornithological painting and drawing ; hand-coloring    
Sample(s)www.50birds.com/BPRedTailedHawk.htm ; http://nationalgeographicmagazine.tumblr.com/post/1572771546 ; www.oiseaux.net/photos/luis.agassiz.fuertes    
Archival sourceshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Agassiz_Fuertes with bibliography    
Published sourcesAKL 46 2005: 148 ; Vollmer 5 1961: 501 ; Bailey: Birding 1896 ; Wright: Citizen Bird (1897) ; A. Blum: Picturing Nature 1993 ; Thayer: Animal Kingdom Abbot H. Thayer (1909) ; V. Chansigaud 2007: 190ff. ; To a Young Bird Artist. Letters from L. A. F. to George Miksch Sutton ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ; Mengel 1980: 27 & 53-7 ; Robert McCracken Peck: Life and Art of L. F. 1982 ;    
otherFurther Patronage: National Association of Audobon Societies New York; US Department Agriculture. In 1899 F. joined an expedition to Alaska, 1910 in Mexiko. John Charles Phillips: Ducks 1922-6 ;    

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