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Last NameElliott    
Given NameHenry Wood    
alt. NamesH. W. E. ; Henry W. Elliot ;     
Year born1846 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA    
Year died1930    
Place of deathEarlington, Washington, USA    
Father's occupation    
Country of ActivityUnited States of America    
Worked forFerdinand V. Hayden: US Geol Survey (1869-1871) ; S. F. Baird: History North American Birds (1874) ; E. B. Andrews ; Edward Orton ; T. G. Wormley ; Fielding Bradford Meek (1817-1876) ; Geol Surv Ohio (1873/5) ; George B. Goode: Fisheries US (1884-7) ;     
Patronage1866-78 secretary to Joseph Henry, Smithsonian Institution;    
CollaboratorsJoseph W. Collins: Illustrations about Fishing industry ; A Schönborn ; Hergesheimer ;    
Techniquesgeological, ornithological, ichthyological, marine, zoological, and natural drawing and water color    
Sample(s)http://www.nmnh.si.edu/naa/features/elliott.htm ; http://35676566.weebly.com/henry-elliott.html    
Archival sourcesethnographic sketches of aboriginal Alaskans engaging in traditional practices are stored in the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Inst.    
Published sourcesAKL 33 2002: 316 ; Langer 1978 #6593 & 6667 ; A. Blum: Picturing Nature 1993 ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ; Mike Foster: Life Hayden 1994:217f. ;    
otherActive as naturalist; nature studies in Alaska (1865-67 Western Telegraph Expedition) ; 1872-74 & 1890 Pribilof Islands; fur-seal conservationist; 1869-71on Hayden's Geological Survey.    

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