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Last NameVishniac    
Given NameRoman    
alt. NamesR. V. ; Роман Вишняк / Roman Wischnjak ;    
Marriage1st w. Luta (Leah) Bagg in Berlin c.1919, divorced 1946; 2nd in 1947 w. Edith Ernst, an old family friend    
Childrenmicrobiologist Wolf V. Vishniac (1xxx-1973)    
Year born1897 in Pawlowsk near Sankt Petersburg    
Year died1990    
Place of deathNew York City    
Father's occupationSolomon Vishniac, Roman's father, a wealthy manufacturer of umbrellas    
Relativesmother, Manya, daughter of affluent diamond dealers, died 1941 in Nice; sister Katja; grandson Ethan T. Vishniac (1955-), son of Wolf & astrophysicist    
Education1914-20 studies in biology, esp. zoology at Shanyavsky Institute (now Univ.) in Moscow;     
Country of ActivityUnited States of America    
Worked forin 1935 commissioned by American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee(JDC) in Central Europe to photograph Jewish communities in Eastern Europe; freelance work in photomicroscopy    
PatronageAlbert Einstein College of Medicine (since 1961 prof. of biolog. education); hon.doctoral degrees from Rhode Island School of Design, Columbia College    
Techniquesentomological, marine, and zoological photography & photo-micrography, esp. of marine life, insects & insect optics; in 1935ff. also documentary phot    
Sample(s)www.sciencefriday.com/video/08/03/2012/microscopic-movie-stars.html ; http://library.sc.edu/digital/collections/vishniac.html    
Archival sourcessee var. links on publ., exhibitions & internet links at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Vishniac ; Int.Center of Photography: http://vishniac.icp.org     
Published sourcesAnn Thomas (ed.) Beauty of Another Order. Photography in Science, Ottawa 1997: 103ff.    
otherRussian-born, since 1918 living in Berlin, Germany, later US-american biologist, art collector & teacher of art history, photographer & pionier of scientific photography; creator of many films & documentaries, pioneer of "cinemicroscopy" (as he called it) ; pionier of scientific, esp. zoological photography    

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