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Last NameLatrobe    
Given NameBenjamin Henry Boneval    
alt. NamesLa Trobe    
Marriage1. Lydia Sellon (+1793) in 1790; 2. Mary Elizabeth Hazelhurst in 1800    
ChildrenHenry Sellon Boneval L (1792-1817) civ eng; Lydia Sellon; John Henry Benjamin (1803-91) lt.col.,lawyer; Benjamin Henry II (1806-78) civil eng.    
Year born1764 Fulneck nr Pudsey, West Riding Yorkshire     
Year died1820    
Place of deathNew Orleans, Louisiana    
Father's occupationReverent Benjamin Latrobe (1728-86)    
Relativesmother: Anna Margaretta Antes (1728-94); brothers: Rev. Christian Ignatius Latrobe (1758-1836) architect social activist & John Frederick physician     
EducationMoravian School in Niesky; art from Karl von Schachmann; apprentice to architect John Smeaton & William Jessop    
Country of ActivityUnited States of America    
Worked forBH Latrobe: Drawing Description Clupea Tyrannus, Trans Amer Phil Soc 5:77-81; JHB Latrobe: Journal of BH Latrobe architect naturalist in US;     
PatronageAmerican Philosophical Society    
Techniquesdrawing, draughting, watercolor painting, topographic landscapes, architecture    
Archival sourcesSmithsonian Institution    
Published sourceswiki; Charlotte M. Porter: BHL and two North American fishes Arch Nat Hist (1987)14,1:85-8Richard L. Gleason's biography 2009    
otherarchitect naturalist born in Fulneck Moravian Church Settlement; 1776-84 Central Europe, Germany; 1795 to USA; see Latrobe's Essay on Landscape    

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