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Last NameStebbing    
Given NameMary Anne °    
alt. NamesM. A. S. ; Mary Anne Saunders ;     
Marriageto botanist and zoologist Thomas Roscoe Rede Stebbing (1835-1926) in 1867    
ChildrenMary Anne (1845?-1927)    
Year born1845?    
Year died1927    
Place of death    
Father's occupationbanker naturalist William Wilson Saunders (1809-1879)    
Relativesillustrator siblings    
Educationbotanical sketching, horticulture from father; botany from husband    
Country of ActivityUnited Kingdom    
Worked forWilliam Wilson Saunders; Thomas RR Stibbing    
PatronageHolmesdale Natural History Club Reigate; Linnean Society    
Techniquesbotanical, marine, zoological, and malacological drawing and watercolor painting    
Archival sourcesKew    
Published sourcesTRR Stebbing obit in Nature 1926 ; Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ; PJ Cribb: Orchideenzeichnungen. J Orchideenfreund 8,2001:123-8; Suzanne L Sheffield in Shteir & Lightman 2006:245-9, 257-60    

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