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Last NameBerghaus    
Given NameHeinrich Karl Wilhelm    
alt. NamesH. K. W. B. ; Heinr. K. / Karl / C. / Carl Wilh. B. ;    
Year born1797 in Kleve, then Kingdom Westfalia, now Germany    
Year died1884    
Place of deathStettin, then Pommerania, now Szczecin, Poland    
Father's occupation    
Relativesnephew Hermann Berghaus (1828-1890), also cartographer    
Educationtrained as a surveyor, in geodesy & cartography    
Country of ActivityGermany    
Worked forAlexander von Humboldt & H.K.W. Berghaus's Physikalischer Atlas (1st ed. Gotha 1837–1848, w. 90 pl.)    
Patronagesince 1816 engineer geographer in the Prussian War ministry (Kriegsministerium) in Berlin, 1824-55 Prof. of appl. math. at Berlin's Bauakademie    
Collaboratorsw. publ. Perthes in Gotha ; reg. contrib. to Bertuch's Allgemeine Geographische Ephemeriden; H.B.'s atlas visualized findings of the Dutch naturalist Salomon Müller & ->A.v.Humboldt;    
Techniquesthematic, medical, cartographic & topographic map-making, copper engraving & hand-colouring, lithogr. & color-lithography    
Sample(s)www.scinexx.de/index.php?cmd=focus_detail2_bild&f_id=270&rang=8&pid=6098 ; http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lh6i9fpEJq1qholp1o1_500.jpg    
Archival sourcessee a listing of his maps & links to scanned maps at http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Berghaus    
Published sourcesADB 46 (1902): 374–379; NDB; AKL 9 (1994): 383f.; Brandenburgisches Biogr. Lexikon 5 (2002); Jane Camerini in Isis 84(1993): 708f.; Nicolaas Rupke: Humboldtian distribution maps, in Tory Frängsmyr (ed.) The Structure of Knowledge, Berkeley 2001: 93-116; Lubrich 2014: 24 et passim;    
otheractive in Kleve, Greifswald, Stralsund & Stettin; famous as cartographer for Humboldt: see http://brianaltonenmph.com/gis/historical-disease-maps/heinrich-berghauss-physikalischer-atlas-1848/ for good selection of his thematic maps ; cf. G.Engelmann in Petermanns Geogr.Mitteilungen 108(1964):133-149    

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