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Last NameTalbot    
Given NameWilliam Henry Fox     
alt. NamesW. H. F. T. ; Fox Talbot    
Marriagein 1832 w. Constance Talbot, born Mundy (1811-1880) of Markeaton in Derbyshire    
Year born1800 in Lacock Abbey, near Chippenham, Wiltshire,     
Year died1877    
Place of deathin Lacock village, buried there along with his wife, and children    
Father's occupationonly child of William Davenport Talbot (1764-1800) of Lacock Abbey near Chippenham, Wiltshire    
Relativesmother: Lady Elisabeth Theresa Fox Strangways (1773-1846), daughter of the 2nd Earl of Ilchester    
Educationtutored by his mother; schooling at Rottingdean, Harrow School & studies at Trinity College, Cambridge; grad. as 12th wrangler in 1821; M.A. in 1825    
Country of ActivityUnited Kingdom    
Worked forThe Pencil of Nature (1844) ;     
Patronage Royal Society of London (papers 1822-76) ; Rumford Medal 1842 ; Member of Parliament for Chippenham 1832-35 when he retired from Parliament    
Collaboratorsscientist & photographer John Herschel ;    
Techniquesinventor & photography pioneer who invented the calotype process; esp. on photo-mechanical reproduction & photo-gravure; also micro-photography    
Archival sourcesBritish Library: Papers of W.H.F.T., Add MS 88942: hviewer.bl.uk/IamsHViewer/FindingAidHandler.ashx?recordid=032-002188938    
Published sourcesAKL ; DNB 55 1898; H. J. P. Arnold: WHFT. Pioneer of Photography & Man of Science 1977; Mike Weaver: WHFT Selected Texts & Bibliography (1993); Larry Schaaf: The Photographic Art of WHFT 2000; P. Geimer in G. Dürbeck(ed.): Natur der Wahrnehmung 2001: 135-52; Thomas 1997 ; G. Buckland: Fox T 1980: 17f.; Costa & Jardi ; Kemp 2006: 264-5; Mirjam Brusius et al (eds.): W.H.F.T.: Beyond Photography (Yale Center for British Art -Studies in British Art), New Haven 2013; Christopher Date & Anthony Hamberg: The origins of photography at the British Museum. 1839-1860, in: History of Photography 14 (1990): 309-325, esp. pp. 311-6;    
othercf. also www.photograms.org/chapter02.html and Corey Keller (ed.) Brought to Light. Photography and the Invisible 1840-1900, 2009: figs. 1-3; for Talbot's biography, cf. http://foxtalbot.dmu.ac.uk/talbot/biography.html, for his correspondence see http://foxtalbot.dmu.ac.uk/letters/letters.html ; cf. furthermore var. links & further lit. in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Fox_Talbot;    

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