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Last NameAgnese    
Given NameBattista Giovanni    
alt. NamesB. G. A.;    
Year born1514 in the Republic of Genoa    
Year died1556    
Place of deathin the Venetian Republic.    
Father's occupation    
Country of ActivityItaly    
Worked forearly map of Muscovy (1525) ; Portolan Atlas (c. 1540) ; portolan maps (c. 1550) ;    
Patronage Charles V & his son, Philip II. ;    
Techniquesmaritime and cartographical map-making and drawing ; hand-colouring    
Sample(s)http://arttattler.com/archiverenaissancevenice.html ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1544_Battista_Agnese_Worldmap.jpg    
Archival sourcesPortulan-Atlas München, Universitätsbibliothek, Cim. 18 ; http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/gmdhtml/gnrlagn.html    
Published sourcesTamara P. Woronowa / Voronova: Der Portolan-Atlas des Battista Agnese von 1546 aus der Russischen Nationalbibliothek Sankt Petersburg, Graz 1993; John Blake: Vermessung der Meere, 2007: 24, 58ff., 70f., 78, 127; Natur & Kunst. Handschriften & Alben aus der Ambraser Sammlung Erzherzog Ferdinands II, Vienna 1995:62-63;    
otherA. had the nickname: sone of the daughter of Tizian or Tintoretto; His workshop produced at least 71 manuscript atlases of sea charts betw. 1534 - 1564 ;    

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