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Last NameBeechey    
Given NameRichard Brydges    
alt. NamesR B. B. ;     
Marriage1. Friedeswide Maria Moore Smyth (1819-1885) in 1844 ; 2. Frances Stewart in 1888    
Children4: chess player Frideswide Fanny (1843-1919) ; 2 daughters ; Ralph     
Year born1808 in London    
Year died1895    
Place of deathSouthsea, Hampshire (Plymouth, Devon)    
Father's occupationcourt portraitist Sir Henry William Beechey ; Ann Phyllis Jessop (1764-1833) (mother) ; miniature painter    
Relatives15 siblings+5 half-siblings Artists: George Duncan (1798-1852), Henry William, Fred W, Augusta (1812-), Fredericka Anne (1814-); S.R (1822-1859 fl.)     
Educationpainting from John Christian Schetky at Royal Naval School Portsmouth    
Country of ActivityIreland    
Worked forFrederick William Beechey: Narrative Voyage Beering's Strait (1831: xix) ;    
Patronagenaval officer Frederick William Beechey (1753-1839) (brother) ; Royal Navy ; Ordnance Survey of Ireland 1835-46 ;    
CollaboratorsWilliam Smyth ; Henry William Beechey ;    
Techniquesmarine, zoological, and topographical painting, watercolor, and drawing    
Archival sources    
Published sourcesAKL 8 1994: 227 ; ThB 3 1909: 162 ;     
otherSan Francisco, Monterey California, USA; Monkstown, Dublin. Marine painter, topographer, midshipman/lieutenant on board HMS Blossom to Pacific & Behring Straits 1825-8; admiral. zoological illustration    

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