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Last NameBeaux    
Given NameEliza Cecilia °    
alt. NamesE. C. B. ; Cecilia Beaux / Leilie Beaux / Cecilia Leavitt Beaux ;     
Year born1855 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    
Year died1942    
Place of deathGreen Alley, Pennsylvania    
Father's occupationsilk manufacturer Jean Adolphe Beaux    
RelativesCecilia Kent Leavitt (1xxx-1855) (mother) ; Aimee Ernesta (Etta) Beaux (sister) ; paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope (1840-1897)    
EducationKatherine Drinker, Adolph van der Whelen, William Sartain, christian Schussele Phil., Acad Julien & Lazar, Tony Robert-Fleury, W Bouguereau Paris;    
Country of ActivityUnited States of America    
Worked forEdward Drinker Cope (1840-1897): Vertebrata of the Cretaceous Formations of the West in Ferdinand V. Hayden: U.S. Geological Survey Territories (1875) ;    
PatronageGeological Institute ;    
Collaboratorslithographer ->Thomas Sinclair ;    
Techniquesgeological and paleontological painting and lithography ; porcelain painting and portraiture    
Archival sources    
Published sourcesAKL 8 1994: 91 ; ThB 3 1909: 126 ; Vollmer 5 1961: 281 ; Richard Moody, Eric Buffetaut, D. Naish & D. M. Martill: Dinosaurs (2010: 138-9) ; Davidson 2008: 80 ;    
otherFurther Places of Activity: the USA (New York and Gloucester, Massachusetts) and France (Paris). Tara Leigh Tappert 1994: http://www.tfaoi.com/aa/9aa/9aa214.htm.    

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