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Last NameJardine    
Given NameWilliam    
alt. NamesW. J. ;    
Marriage1. Jane Home Lizars (1xx-1871) ; 2. N. N.    
Children3 sons & 4 daughters, among them artist Catherine D. M. Jardine / Strickland (1825-1888)    
Year born1800 in Edinburgh, Lothian    
Year died1874    
Place of deathSandown, Isle of Wight    
Father's occupation    
Relativesson-in-law Hugh Strickland geologist/ornithologist; father-in-law Daniel Lizars, engraver    
Educationmedicine & natural history Univ. of Edinburgh; tutored by anatomist John Lizars, briefly by Audubon 1826    
Country of ActivityUnited Kingdom    
Worked forGideon Algernon Mantell (1790-1852) ; Selby: Illust. British Ornithology (1821-34) & W. J. & Jardine (1826-43) ; William Jardine: Gallinaeous Birds (1834) ; Naturalist's Library: Pigeons (1835), Parrots (1836) ; Contrib. Ornith (1848-52) ;    
PatronageRoyal Scottish Acad. ; Roy Soc Edinburgh and London ;Royal Commission on Salmon Fisheries England & Wales, Edinb. Journal Natural Geographical Science    
Collaboratorsetcher William Home Lizars ; artist P. J. Selby daughter Catherine ;    
Techniquesnatural, zoological, ornithological, and ichthyological drawing, painting, oils, watercolors, etching, papyrography, and lithography    
Archival sourcesRoyal Scottish Museum Edinburgh; British Museum Natural History    
Published sourcesAKL ; Sawyer 1971: 145 ; Christine E. Jackson 1989: chap. 15: 206f. ; C. E. Jackson: Fish in Art (London 2012: 216f.) ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 # 2682 ;    
otherSeventh baronet of Applegirth in Dumfriesshire.    

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