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Last NameBevere    
Given NamePieter Cornelis de    
alt. NamesP. C. B. ; Peter Cornelius / Pieter Cornelis de Bevere / P. C. de Beveren ;     
Year born1722 in Colombo, Sri Lanka    
Year died1781 before    
Place of death    
Father's occupationmajor Willem Hendrik de Bevere (commander Dutch troops Ceylon 1708-1714)    
Relativesgrandfather Major W. H. de Bevere (also known as Beveren)    
Educationself-taught artist, entered the Dutch East India Company’s service in 1743 as an assistant surveyor, became qualified surveyor in 1754, bookkeeper 1    
Country of ActivitySri Lanka (Ceylon)    
Worked forThomas Pennant: British Zoology & Indian Zoology (1769/90); Peter Brown: New Illustrations Zoology (1776); G. Edwards: Gleanings nat. hist. (1758-64); J. R. Forster: Indische Zoologie (1781) ; Johann Giedeon Loten, governor of Ceylon 1752-1757;     
Patronagegovernor of Ceylon Johan Gideon Loten (1710-1789 ) ; Dutch East India Company ;    
Collaborators->Peter Brown ; ->Sydney Parkinson ; ->Peter Mazell ;    
Techniqueszoological, natural history, botanical, entomological, ichthological, ornithological, and topographical drawing and watercolor painting    
Sample(s)www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/art-nature-imaging/collections/art-themes/india/peacock_main.htm & ...india/additional_images/loten_additional_images.htm    
Archival sourcesBritish Museum Natural History London; www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/art-nature-imaging/collections/art-themes/india/more/peacock_more_info.htm    
Published sourcesANB 3 2008:96 ; Sawyer 1971: 155 ; Jackson 1989: 94 & 119 ; Rice 1999: chap. 2; Rice 2010: chap. 2: 58 ; A. J. P. Root: The Life of Governor J. G. Loten (Hilversum 2012) ;    
otherDutch assistant surveyor and book keeper from 1757. Active in Ceylon and c. 1755 in Batavia.     

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