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Last NameMotonobu    
Given NameKanō     
alt. NamesK. M. ; Kano Motonobū ;    
Childrenthree sons, Shōei (1519-1592), Yusetsu (1514-1562), and Joshin    
Year born1476 in Kano district, now: Shizuoka Prefecture    
Year died1559    
Place of deathKyoto, Japan    
Father's occupationKanō Masanobu, founder of the Kanō school of painting    
Relativesyounger brother Yukinobu (1513-1575)     
Educationmember of the Kanō school of painting, trained by his father    
Country of ActivityJapan    
Worked forHosokawa Takakuni: commissioned Motonobu to paint a set of narrative handscrolls in 1513;    
PatronageAshikaga government, members of the aristocracy; major Kyoto shrines & temples; shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa & his successors: Ashikaga Yoshitane,    
Collaboratorsfather, brother & three sons in a small Kanō workshop, northern Kyoto ;    
Techniquesnatural Kanga (Chinese-style ink painting)    
Archival sourceshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kan%C5%8D_Motonobu    
Published sourcesBénézit 7 1999: 691-2 ; Maurice Coyaud, L'Empire du regard – Mille ans de peinture japonaise (Paris 1981: 31, 141ff. & 158) ; Madeleine Paul-David in Encyclopéadia Universalis XI 1971 ;    

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