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Last NameWright    
Given NameFerdinand von    
alt. NamesF. v. W. ;    
Year born1822 in Haminanlax gård near Kuopio in Finland    
Year died1906    
Place of deathKuopio, Finland    
Father's occupation    
Relatives->Wilhelm von Wright (1810-1887) (brother) ; illustrator Magnus von Wright (1805-1868) (brother) ("Bröderna von Wright")    
Country of ActivityFinland    
Worked forSkandinaviens fiskar = History of Scandinavian Fishes ; Svenska Foglar (1823-38, with 178 lithographies) ; Wilhelm von Hisinger (1766-1852) ;    
Patronagepublisher Nils Bonde from Hörningsholm ; taxidemist at Helsinki University (collections & Anatomical Museum); Societas pro Flora et Fauna Fennica    
CollaboratorsBengt Fries ; Carl J. Sundevalls ; Carl Ulrik Ekströms ;    
Techniquesfossil, paleontological, ichthyological and ornithological drawing, lithography, and oil painting    
Sample(s)http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferdinand_von_Wright ; http://kokoelmat.fng.fi/wandora/w?si=A+I+67    
Archival sourceshttp://runeberg.org/authors/wrightma.html    
Published sourcesNordisk familjebok 32 (1921): 1174-5 ; Taiteilijaveljekset von Wright, Helsinki 1982 ; Konstnärsbröderna von Wrights dagböcker 6. Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland, Helsingfors 2008 ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ## 1951 & 4042 ;    
otherActive in Finland and Sweden; several study journeys to Stockholm & St. Petersburg.    

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