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Last NameClaudet    
Given NameAntoine François Jean    
alt. NamesA. F. J. C. ; Antoine Claudet    
MarriageJulie Bourdelain (17xx-18xx), whose nephew Georges Bontemps named A. F. J. C. assistant director of Ponces Grimblot's studio on the outskirts of Paris    
Year born1797 in Lyon    
Year died1867    
Place of deathLondon    
Father's occupationglass merchant (1xxx-1807)    
RelativesA. F. J. C. was 2nd of six children of his father    
Educationinitially glass merchant; then a student of diorama painter & photographer Louis Daguerre    
Country of ActivityUnited Kingdom    
Worked for    
PatronageRoyal Society of London (fellow 1853) ; since 1853 "Photographer-in-ordinary" to Queen Victoria; 1863 award from Napoleon III ; Society of Arts ;    
Collaboratorscalotype inventor and photographer -> Fox Talbot ; lith. Bosley    
Techniquespioneer of daguerreotype portraiture in England, improved sensitizing w. chlorine (instead of bromine) plus iodine; stereoscopes; inv. stereomonoscope    
Archival sourceshttp://historiccamera.com/cgi-bin/librarium2/pm.cgi?action=app_display&app=datasheet&app_id=1623& ;     
Published sourcesEncyclopedia of 19th c. Photography (vol. 1, New York 2008: 302-304) ; Arthur T. Gill: Early sterescopes, in: Photographic Journal 109 (1969): 606-14 ; Christopher Date & Anthony Hamberg: The origins of photography at the British Museum. 1839-1860, in: History of Photography 14 (1990): 309-325, esp. p. 320    
otherBorn in France, active as photographer in London w. studios in on the roof of the Adelaide Gallery (now the Nuffield Centre), behind St. Martin's in the Fields church1841-51, at the Colosseum in Regent's Park (1847–1851) & at 107 Regent Street (1851–1867), the "Temple to Photography". In 1859, this studio was called "Claudet and Ackermann & Cie"    

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