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Last NameSchenau / Zeissig    
Given NameJohann Eleazar    
alt. NamesJ. E. S. ; Schönau / originally named Zeissig ;    
Year born1737 in Gross Schönau, Saxony    
Year died1806    
Place of deathDresden    
Father's occupation    
Educationin Dresden by painter Johann Christian Bessler (1xxx-1xxx)    
Country of ActivityGermany    
Worked forDenis Diderot (1713-1784) & Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert (1717-1783): Encyclopédie (drawings f. sect. Miroitier, Metteur au teint (vol. VIII)) ;    
PatronageAcademy of Arts in Dresden; Electeur de Saxony; Manufacture de porcellaine de Meissen (director 1773-1795)    
Collaboratorsengraver Johann Georg Wille in Paris ; dessinatueur Jean Ouvrier (1725-1784) ;    
Techniquestechnical drawing and copper engraving    
Sample(s)collections.ex.ac.uk/repository/bitstream/handle/10472/4642/BD070047.jpg ; samples & links in http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Eleazar_Zeissig ;    
Archival sourceswww.kunstgeschichte.uni-muenchen.de/ifk/graph_sammlung/linienspiele/kunsttheorie/ouvrier.html ;    
Published sourcesNagler 15: 181-184 ; M. Pinault: Revue de l'Art 66 (1984): 27 & 38 ; M. Pinault: Recherches sur Diderot et l'Encyclopédie 18 (1995): 227 ;    
otherS. was educated in Dresden, went to Paris in 1756 and returned to Saxony in 1770.    

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