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Last NameRossier    
Given NamePierre Joseph    
alt. NamesP. J. R. ; Francis Pierre Joseph Rossier ;    
Marriage1. Catharine Barbe Kaelin (1843-67) in 1865; 2. Marie Virginie Overney, maid    
ChildrenChristophe Marie Pierre Joseph Rossier (1866-); Joseph Louis Rossier (1884-1927) café owner    
Year born1829 in in Grandsivaz, canton Fribourg,Switzerland    
Year died1883-98     
Place of deathParis, France    
Father's occupationfarmer    
Relatives10 siblings    
Country of ActivityChina    
Worked forAlexander von Siebold ; George S. Morrison ; Negretti & Zamba ; zoologist Firmin Bocourt ;    
Collaborators-> Negretti & Zamba commissioned him to photograph 2nd Opium War in China    
Techniqueszoological albumen & stereo photography, mostly topography, geography, portraits & genre    
Sample(s)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Rossier ; www.old-japan.co.uk/article_rossier.html    
Archival sourceshttp://www.getty.edu/vow/ULANFullDisplay?find=%28%13%11negretti+%13%11and+%13%11zambra%29|%13%11negretti%11and%11zambra&role=&nation=&page=1&subjectid    
Published sourceswiki.en; T.Bennett: The Search for R.: Early Photographer of China & Japan, The PhotoHistorian-Journal of the Historical Group of the Royal Photographic Society, Dec.2004;     
other1858-60 among 1st photos of Canton, China, Hong Kong, Japan Asia; photographic studios in Fribourg & Einsiedeln, Switzerland & Paris; 1861-2 to Siam with Bocourt     

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