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Last NameChurch    
Given NameFrederic Edwin    
alt. NamesF. E. C. ;     
MarriageIsabel Mortimer Carnes (1829-1899) in 1860    
Children2 daughters and 4 sons: Emma Frances Church (1864-1865) ; Frederic Joseph Church (1866-1914) ; Isabel Charlotte Church (1871-1935) ; ...    
Year born1826 in Hartford, Connecticut    
Year died1900    
Place of deathOlana, Hudson, New York    
Father's occupationsilversmith, watchmaker, and life insurance director Joseph Church (1793-1876)    
RelativesEliza Janes (1796-1883) (mother)    
Educationpainter Thomas Cole (1801-1848) in Catskill NY    
Country of ActivityEcuador    
Worked forexplorer Isaac Israel Hayes (1832-1881) ;    
PatronageDaniel Wadsworth (1771-1848) ; Cyrus West Field (1819-1892) ; Hudson River School ;    
CollaboratorsLouis Legrand Noble (1813-1882) ; Louis-Rémy Mignot (1831-1870) ;    
Techniqueslandscape, topographical, and geographical drawing and painting    
Archival sourceshttps://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederic_Edwin_Church    
Published sourcesFranklin Kelly: F. E. Ch. & North American landscape 1845-60, Diss., Univ. Delaware 1985 ; Gerald L. Carr et al: In Search of the Promised Land. Paintings by F. E. Ch. (New York 2000) ;    
otherFurther Places of Activity: Europe, Near East, Quito, Equador, South America 1853 & 57. On Hayes Arctic expedition 1860-1. Further Children: Herbert Edwin Church (1862-1865), Louis Palmer Church (1870-1935), and Theodore Winthrop Church (1869-1914).    

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