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Last NameAcharius    
Given NameErik    
alt. NamesE A. ; botanical shortname: ACH ;    
Childrenpainter Adolph Acharius (c. 1790-)    
Year born1757 in Gävle    
Year died1819    
Place of deathVadstena    
Father's occupation    
Educationat Uppsala University (matriculation 1773), one of the last of the students of Linnaeus; medical studies at Lund University (Ph.D. 1782)    
Country of ActivitySweden    
Worked forArchiv für die Botanik 1769-1805 ; Lichenographiae Suecia prodromus 1798, Methodus lichenum 1803, Lichenographia universalis 1810, Monog. Pyrenula 1812, JP Westring: Svenska lafvarnes färghist 1805-8; CF Thunberg: Flora Capensis (1807-20) ;    
PatronageRoyal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm; director of the Vadstena Hospital (which he had initiated) in 1795,    
Techniquesbotanical drawing, hand-coloring, watercolors (esp. of lichens)    
Archival sourcesBritish Museum. www.nrm.se/frontpage/researchandcollections/botany/cryptogamicbotany/virtualexhibitions/erikacharius.310_en.html    
Published sourcesAKL1 1992: 217 ; Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ; Nordisk familjebok 1(1904):96 ; Rutger Sernander in Svenskt biografiskt lexikon, vol.1:. 28-80 ; Dict Sci Biogr.1(1970): 45 ;    
otherMostly known as professional botanist and as the "father of lichenology".    

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