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Last NameBonanni    
Given NameFilippo    
alt. NamesF. B. ; Philippo Bonanni / Philippus Buonanni S. J. / P. Bonani / Felipo / pseudonym: Godefrido Fulberti ;    
Year born1638 in Rome    
Year died1725    
Place of deathRome    
Father's occupation    
Educationin Liberal Arts, sciences & theology at the Collegio Romano of the Jesuit order    
Country of ActivityItaly    
Worked forsince 1698 curator of the collections of Athanasius Kircher (1601-1680) ; Recreatio mentis et occuli in observ. animalum (1684) ; Micrographia curiosa (1691) ;    
PatronageJesuit Order ; Collegio Romano ;    
Collaboratorsillustrator Giovanni Antonio Battara ; publisher B's Rerum Naturalium Historia in Museu Kircheriano (Rome 1773) ;    
Techniquesnatural , malacological, fossil, paleontological, and zoological drawings and copper engravings of microscopic observations    
Sample(s)http://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Datei:Buonanni_Puce_1681.png&filetimestamp=20050101204443 ; www.google.de/search?q=Filippo+Bonanni    
Archival sourceswww.stanford.edu/group/kircher/cgi-bin/site/?attachment_id=563    
Published sourcesBruno Accordi: Illustrations of Kircher Museum Naturalistic Collections, Geologica Romana 25 (1976): 113-26 ; S. Bettini et al.: Parassitologia 33(1991) Suppl. ;    
otherB. was a well-known maker of microscopes, a naturalist & Jesuit; his plates were later critizised by ->Martin Lister as unfaithful & false c    

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