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Last NameHaeckel    
Given NameErnst Heinrich Philipp August von    
alt. NamesE. H. P. A. H. ;    
Marriage1. cousin Anna Sethe (1835-1864) in 1862 ; 2. Agnes Huschke (1842-1915) in 1867    
ChildrenWalter (1868-1xxx), Elizabeth (1871-1xxx), Emma (1873-1xxx)    
Year born1834 in Potsdam, Prussia    
Year died1919    
Place of deathJena    
Father's occupationPrussian state official (Oberregierungsrat) Carl and his wife Charlotte, born Sethe    
Relativesanatomist Emil Huschke (father-in-law)    
EducationDomgymnasium Merseburg, medicine at Univ. of Berlin, Würzburg & Vienna    
Country of ActivityGermany    
Worked forJohn Murray: Sci. Results HMS Challenger 1887 ; Haeckel: Kunstformen Natur ; Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte (1868), Medusen (1879), Radiolarien ; Arab. Korall ;    
PatronageUniversity of Jena. Haeckel: Radiolaria, in Reports Scientific Results of HMS Challenger Zoology vol. 18, 1887    
Collaboratorslithographer ->Eduard Giltsch ; lithographer ->Adolf Giltsch ; lithographer -> Wilhelm Engelmann ; engraver ->Wagenschieber ;    
Techniqueslandscape, zoological, animal, marine, and topographical drawing, watercolour, and oil painting    
Sample(s)www.google.de/search?q=Haeckel+artist ;www.blog.designsquish.com/index.php?/site/microcosms_and_macrocosms_in_ernst_haekel_drawings/     
Archival sourcesErnst Haeckel Haus: Museum of Jena University with papers and artwork ; www.hiereth.de/texte/0902eh.html    
Published sourcesNissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ## 1781-7 ; Lapage 1961: 29-32 & fig. 7,18 ; Olaf Breidbach: Bildwelten der Natur (2006) ; Dance 1989 ;    
otherZoological research at Canary Islands, Norway, Dalmatia, Egypt, Turkey, Greece ; cf. wiki.answers.com/Q/How_did_Ernst_Haeckel_paint_and_Why_did_he_paint;     

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