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Last NameMelling    
Given NameJoseph    
alt. NamesJ. M. ; Josef Melling ;    
MarriageJosepha Lengelacher (1xxx-1xxx)    
Childrenmuralist Marie Luise (1762-1799), as nun: Maria Rosa ;    
Year born1724 in St. Avold, Moselle/Lorraine    
Year died1796    
Place of deathStrasbourg    
Father's occupationcarpenter and altar-carver Nicholas Melling (1xxx-1xxx)    
Relativesengraver Antoine Ignace Melling (1763-1831) (nephew) ; Agnes Metzinger (1xxx-1xxx) (mother) ; painter Christoph (1xxx-1xxx) (brother) ; ...    
EducationLatin school in Saarlouis ; apprentice cabinetmaking in Paris, architecture at Academie Royale Carle van Loo & Francois Boucher    
Country of ActivityTurkey    
Worked forXavier von Wulfen (1728-1805): Abhandl. Kärnthnerischen Bleyspathe (1785) ; Franz Xaver von Wulfen (1728-1805) ;    
PatronageMargrave of Baden in Karlsruhe, Karoline Luise von Hessen-Darmstadt ;    
Collaboratorsengraver A. Anon ;    
Techniquesmineralogical painting, oils, fresco, mural, altar painting, and copperplate engraving    
Sample(s)http://minrec.org/artwork.asp?page=2&artistid=40&cat=1 ;    
Archival sources    
Published sourcesNissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 # 186; Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ## 4482f. ; Langer 1978: 364 ;    
otherJ. M. founded Academie de déssin d'après nature in Strasbourg. Further Relative: sculptor Ignaz Lengelacher (1xxx-1xxx) (father-in-law) ;    

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