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Last NameRussell    
Given NameJohn    
alt. NamesJ. R. ;    
MarriageHannah Faden, daughter of a printer and map seller    
Children12 sons; artist William (1780-1870) ; at least 1 daughter    
Year born1745 in Guildford, Surrey    
Year died1806    
Place of deathHull    
Father's occupationbook, print seller, and amateur artist John Russell Sr.    
Country of ActivityEngland, UK    
Worked forWilliam Hey (1736-1819): Practical Observations Surgery (1803) ; A description of the selenographia, an Apparatus for exhibiting the Phenomena of the Moon (London 1797) ;    
PatronageRoyal Academy of Art ; King George III ; Queen Charlotte ; Prince of Wales ; Duke of York ;    
Collaboratorswith his daughter he made a lunar map and globe: http://brunelleschi.imss.fi.it/galileopalazzostrozzi/object/JohnRussellSetOfUncutPrintedGoresAndPolarCapsOfTheMoon.html & .../object/JohnRussellSelenographia.html ;    
Techniquesastronomical, anatomical, dermatological, and botanical oil painting, pastel, drawing, 3D globe making    
Archival sourceshttp://www.getty.edu/vow/ULANFullDisplay?find=&role=&nation=&subjectid=500002979    
Published sourcesNissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ; Ehring: Hautkrankheiten 1989: 62 ; Mokre: 2005: 33 ;     
otherEnglish painter, engraver, & author; painted portrait of Hey's daughter Mary; friend of William Herschel.    

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