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Last NameHirschvogel    
Given NameAugustin    
alt. NamesA. H. ; Augustinus Hirsvogel ;    
Year born1503 in Nuremberg    
Year died1553    
Place of deathVienna    
Father's occupationglass painter Veit Hirschvogel the Elder / d. Ä. (1461-1525) in Nuremberg    
Relativesbrothers Hans and Veit H. d., both glass painters; Martin H.. goldsmith (migrated to Fribourg, CH); Augustin (1503-1553); Martin, dominican monch    
Educationby his father in glass painting    
Country of ActivityAustria    
Worked forTheophrastus von Hohenheim / Paracelsus ; (city of Vienna as city cartographer since 1546, later also as mathematicus) ;    
PatronageRoyal Court of Austria: cartographer of South East Europe for Ferdinand I ;    
Collaboratorscartographer Bonifacius Wolmuet for Vienna city map 1547, based on exact measurements with self-developed instruments; w.printer Hans Weigel    
Techniquescartographical drawing, copper engraving, and etching ; glass painting    
Sample(s)http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustin_Hirschvogel ; http://www.wien.gv.at/kultur/kulturgut/karten/hirschvogel/index.html    
Archival sourcesKarl Fischer: A.H.s Stadtplan von Wien 1547/1549, und seine Quadranten, Cartographica Helvetica 20(1999):3–12;    
Published sourcesADB 12 1880 : 474-7 ; NDB 9 1972: 231-2 ; S. Wellisch: Erfindung der Triangulation, in: Zeitschrift für Vermessungswesen 1899: 349-57 ; W. Iwanczak 2005: 204f. ; W. Soukup: Chemie in Österreich 2007: 236f. ;    
otherSince 1544 in Austria; early user (not inventor!) of triangulation meth. topog city maps; planimetric maps; perspectival studies.    

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