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Last NameArago    
Given NameJacques Étienne Victor    
alt. NamesJ. E. V. A. ; Jacques Arago / byname l'aveugle ;    
Year born1790 in Estagel, Pyrénées-Orientales    
Year died1854 or 1855    
Place of deathRio de Janeiro    
Father's occupationhead of the mint of Perpignan, François Bonaventure Arago (1754-1814) mayor of Estagel    
Relatives10 siblings: politicians Étienne (1802-92) & Dominique François Jean (1786-1853); general Jean (1788-1836)    
Country of ActivityFrance    
Worked forLouis Auguste de Sainson & Louis de Freycinet & Jacques Arago: Curieux Voyage autour du Monde (Paris 1822-44) ; Souvenirs d'un aveugle (1839-93) ; journal: La Mode ;    
Collaboratorsartist ->Adrien Taunay; lithogr. ->Joseph Lemercier ; Langlumé ; Pigal & Pijou: Proverbes et Bons Mots mis en action d'après les mœurs populaires ;     
Techniquesnatural and zoological drawing and lithography    
Sample(s)http://www.aucklandartgallery.com/the-collection/browse-artists/6755/jacques-arago; http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Arago    
Archival sourcesAukland Art Gallery; Honolulu Museum of Art    
Published sourcesAKL 4 1992, 610s ; ThB 2 1908: 53; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ; Kury 2014: 132 ;    
otherJ.A. was expedition draftsman on French Artistic Mission to Rio de Janeiro & Brazil in 1816 on the ship "Uranie"; he was also the founder of the journals Kaléidoscope & La Bombe; also known as writer & art critic. Further Places of Activity: Brazil, Chile, Hawaii, and the United States.    

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