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Last NameAkeley    
Given NameCarl Ethan    
alt. NamesC. E. A. ;     
Marriage1: Delia Julia Akeley (1875-1970) ; 2: Mary Jobe Akeley (1886-1966)    
Year born1864 in Clarendon, New York    
Year died1926    
Place of deathMount Mikeno, Kabale, Uganda    
Father's occupationfarmer    
EducationNorman School Brockport (3 yrs only); taxidermy from David Bruce & Ward's Natural Science Establ., Rochester    
Country of ActivityCongo - Republic of ; Belgian Congo; Zaire    
Worked forC. E. Akeley: In Brightest Africa (1923) ; Henry A. Ward: Catalogue of Casts of Fossils (1866) ;     
PatronageFrank Chapman; Henry Collins Walsh; Marshall Saville; Field Museum & American Mus Natural History NY; Milwaukee Public Museum    
Techniquesnatural and fossil draswing ; 3D sculptures; taxidermy; habitat diarama design; motion picture, photography     
Archival sources    
Published sourcesAKL 1 1992: 699 ; Vollmer 1953 ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ; Taxidermy & Sculpture: Field Mus. Nat. Hist. Chicago 1927; Jeannette Eileen Jones: naturalists' images of Africa American Mus Nat Hist 1910-36, PhD thesis, NYState Univ. Buffalo 2003 ; S. G. Kohlstedt in Shteir & Lightman 2006: 126f. ;    
otherDavidson 2008: 65-70; C. E. A. was also active in Belgian Congo, Zaire; since 1900 expeditions to Africa. Adapted camera for filming in nature.    

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