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Last NameAbbot    
Given NameJohn    
alt. NamesJ. A. ;     
Year born1751 in London    
Year died1840 / 1841 ?    
Place of deathBulloch County, Georgia    
Father's occupationlawyer James Abbot (17xx-1xxx), prosperous attorney and collector of paintings, prints, and insects    
RelativesAnne Clousinger (17xx-1xxx) (mother) ; three younger surviving siblings ; J. A.'s parents resided on Bennet Street in St. James, London    
Educationtaught by his father and by Jacob Bonneau (17xx-1xxx)    
Country of ActivityEngland, UK    
Worked forJean Baptiste Alphonse Dechauffour de Boisduval ; John Eatton Le Conte ; John Latham ; entomologist John Francillon (1744-1816) ; James Edward Smith & J. A.: The Natural History of the Rare Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia (1797) ; Birds of Georgia ; Thomas Martyn: Psyche. Figures of non-descxript lepidopterous insects ... from different parts of the World (London 1797) ;    
PatronageDru Drury (1725-1804); Lord Walsingham, Baron Rothschild ; Society of Artists of Great Britain (exhibition 1770); Royal Society of London (around 1773    
Collaborators->Ann Latham ; ->Thomas Davies ; entomologist Lord Stanley ; entomologist James Edward Smith (1759-1828) ; J. A.'s drawings and paintings were later also used by Boisduval & Le Conti in their Histoire Gén. & Iconographie des Lépidoptères & des Chenilles de l'Amérique Sept. (1829-37) ;     
Techniquesbotanical, zoological,entomological, and ornithological drawing, painting, and engraving ; hand-colouring    
Sample(s)www.picturingbirds.com/2011_06_01_archive.html; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Abbot_%28entomologist%29    
Archival sourcesNat. Hist. & British Museums, Harvard, Univ. of South Carolina ; Smithsonian Institution ; www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/nge/Article.jsp?id=h-3428    
Published sourcesAKL 1 1992: 66 ; P. P. Dow: J. A., in: J. Entomolog. Soc. 22 (1914): 65-72 ; Sawyer 1971: 87 & 151 ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ; V. Chansigaud: L'Histoire de l'Ornithologie 2007: 126f. ; Magee 2009: 22f., 43 & 250 ; Pamela Gilbert: birds, butterflies & other wonders (1998) ; Gilbert 2000: 10, 52-3, 62-3, 84-5 & 160-1 with further lit. ; Marcus B. Simpson: The naturalist J.A: contr. to the SE of the United States, North Carolina Historical Review 61 (1984): 347-90 ; Artistic sources for J. A.'s watercolour drawings of American birds, in: Archives of Natural History 20 (1993): 197-212 ; C. L. Remington: Lepidopterists's News 2(1948): 28-30 ;    
otherInsect collector and painter, born in England, migrated to the USA in 1773, settled in Virginia & Georgia; painted, drew & engraved birds, entomology: insects, moths & butterflies; cf. J.A.: Notes on my life, mss., Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard Univ.; some information of this entry on John Abbot was provided by Marcus B. Simpson jr., Wake Forest Univ. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA; on the London years of J.A. see R.S. Wilkinson in: Entomologist's Record 96 (1984). Further archsource: www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/articles/arts-culture/john-abbot-1751-ca-1840; Merceyside County Museum, Liverpool; Zoolog. Museums, Harvard Univ. & Berlin. More than 1,300 bird watercolours by J. A. have survived.    

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