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Last NameVinci    
Given NameLeonardo da    
alt. NamesL. d. V. ; Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci / Léonard de Vinci ;    
Year born1452 in Anchiano near Vinci, Empoli, Italy    
Year died1519    
Place of deathCloux, Amboise, France    
Father's occupationnotary Ser Piero; natural mother: peasant girl Catarina    
Educationautodidactic study of anatomy. since 1467 in Florence, 1472 member of painters's guild. apprentice to sculptor Andrea Verrocchio; Ant. Pollaiuolo    
Country of ActivityItaly    
Worked forvarious cities, courts & other patrons as Renaissance artist-engineer w. extremely broad interest & talent; stereometric & perspectival pl.f. Luca Pacioli; sev. L. drawings were used by Carlo Ruini (c.1530-1598)    
PatronageGiuliano de’ Medici, Florence; since 1516 François I, king of France    
Collaboratorsanat. Marco Antonio della Torre; Francesco Giorgio Martini; math. Luca Pacioli:De divina proportione 1509; Francesco Melzi: cf. K.Reed: LdV & botanical illustr., in: Visualizing Medieval Medicine & Nat.History, Ashgate 2006:205-237    
Techniquesanatomical, topographic, zoological, mathem.& technical drawing, painting, sculpting, wax models, stage-set & costume design; cartography & map-making    
Sample(s)www.oppisworld.de/zeit/leonardo/skizzen.html ; www.universalleonardo.org/ ; www.mos.org/leonardo ; www.open2.net/leonardo ; www.codex99.com/anatomy/46    
Archival sourcescollections Windsor, London, Milan, Paris, Venice, Vienna, Florence    
Published sourcesNissen 1969/78 #35179; Choulant 1920:97-105; K Clark: Drawings LdV in coll. Windsor Castle 1969; O'Malley & Saunders: Human Body 1982; Pinault 1991; J.Pevsner,Trends Neurosci 25 (2002) 217-20; M.Kemp: L.2005; Experience, Exp & Design 2006; C.Jackson 1993:18-9; K.Reed in Visualizing Medieval Medicine ; Kemp 2006 ; Kemp ...     
otherAKL; ThB23 1929:76; Herrlinger 1972:70-82; Davidson2008: 5-7 active in Florence, Milan, Mantua, Venice, Rome. wax preparations of cerebral ventricles, lymphs & veins. Technician, engineer, natural historian primarily since 1500s. mathematical sketches: https://www.maa.org/press/periodicals/convergence/leonardo-da-vincis-geometric-sketches ; bibliography at http://reanet.comune.empoli.fi.it/vinci/ricerche.htm     

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