Equal opportunities and equal treatment

In the context of its structural and development planning and the DFG’s “research-oriented standards of equal treatment“, Stuttgart University has committed itself to increasing the proportion of women among the professorships in the medium term by a significant rate and to actively supporting the female young researchers. Of particular importance are those areas where women are underrepresented.

Furthermore, numerous personnel and structural measures are intended to achieve the further self-imposed targets concerning the increase of the proportion of women in all status groups and on all qualification levels. Thereby the personnel measures follow the person’s life cycle: They range from projects for female pupils to offers for female college students and to programmes for female young scientists. Girls and young women will be accompanied when choosing their subject of study and supported sustainably during their studies, their scientific career or their external career entry.

Apart from this, activities are being developed so that gender-adequate actions and decisions can become a normal thing throughout the whole university.