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European Summer School on Industrial Biotechnology (ESSIB)

10. April 2017;

The European Summer School on Industrial Biotechnology (ESSIB) is an annual advanced training course for PhD students and postdocs, preferably (but not exclusively) from European countries with research projects in the fields of biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biochemical engineering, and bioinformatics. ESSIB brings together students from different fields of life sciences and introduces them into the field of industrial biotechnology. Lectures and practical courses present the current challenges in biotech industry, up-to-date methods, and strategies, and discuss about the scientific perspectives of industrial biotechnology and its contribution to sustainable growth.

The ESSIB is organized by a consortium of academic partners, currently the University of Milano-Bicocca, the University of Stuttgart, and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Each year, the summer school will be hosted by a different partner of the consortium and will have a different focus. In 2017, the 4th ESSIB will be hosted by Willem van Berkel at Wageningen University with the focus on "Food and Biorefinery Enzymology" (25. - 29. September, 2017). Please visit for more details.

In 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed between the Faculty of Chemistry (University of Stuttgart), the Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences (University of Milano-Bicocca) and the Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) to support the annual ESSIB and to collaborate in training activities in the field of industrial biotechnology.

Jürgen Pleiss, Institute of Technical Biochemistry