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Examination-Administration Transition: Switching from LSF/POS to C@MPUS

September 6, 2017; cus Projektteam

Examination-Administration Transition: Switching from LSF/POS to C@MPUS

A large part of the Student-Life Cycle at the University of Stuttgart is already supported by C@MPUS. To finalize the introduction of C@MPUS, the examination administration will be "moved" as well.

In the middle of November, 2017, C@MPUS will replace the previously used HIS-POS System (which is currently accessed via LSF). Here is what that means for you:

  • All the information managed by the Examination Office (registered activities, registered confirmed activities, open exam registrations, examination withdrawals, etc.) will be transferred to C@MPUS until the middle of November, 2017. Further information on the transfer is available down below.
  • In the middle of November C@MPUS will take over the corresponding functions of LSF, in other words, from this moment on, you will be able to issue confirmation letters, register for exams, etc. via the C@MPUS platform. Instructions will be provided under the following address:
  • The access to LSF for students will be unavailable starting from that moment.

Registration for examinations for winter term 2017/18: 
15. - 30. November 2017 – in C@MPUS!

LSF/POS-to-C@MPUS Data-Transfer Check

September 6, 2017; cus Projektteam

All the Bachelor's degrees for teaching qualifications are managed exclusively via C@MPUS already, and, therefore, are an exception from this.

The data will be transferred stepwise until the middle of November, 2017. Due to this, the intermediate results may not reflect the actual state, despite the functionality available. Also, for the same reason, the overall grade/state can be calculated and/or displayed incorrectly, e.g., "RL/final examination attempt failed".

Please note:           

  • Until the final transition in the middle of Novermber, the important information on your examinations is stored in the LSF/POS system!
  • The information on your studies and exams available via C@MPUS has no legal relevance yet. Once the transition is finished, the information on your studies-related activities will be available via C@MPUS.

Please check all your data in C@MPUS after the final verification of your degree program (check for PO-version). If you find any errors or deviations to POS/LSF please inform us at

The current status of the import can be seen here: (only uni-internal).