Results before Final Round

Final competition round is coming up. Last Flight was dammed fast. 1:02 with 10,2kg. Lukas does amazing piloting!

Bad news from AKA-Classics Team: Plane crashed yesterday in the last flight. We won’t fly it any more.

Successful first competition day

The first day started very shocking. Our airplane had some trouble with its elevator control and went to a highspeed dive after the first turn during the test run. Luckily our pilot could prevent the worst and ended the flight without major damage. But since the landing was a little harsh we had to repair the landing gear. It also felt very discomforting not to know what exactly caused the error.

Recovery from the dive.

After the repairs and some improvements regarding tailboom stiffness the day took a great turn. The problems with elevator control were solved and we could score with two successful flights. We flew with 9,74 kg payload and only needed 1:13s to reach the necessary 10 legs (1km total) at the first flight. With the second flight we could even increase that to about 10 kg payload and a time of 1:07s .

Sharp turn in the first valid flight


So we could end the day very happy and we are looking forward to two other great competition days now. We will keep you updated ….



we arrived yesterday at arround 3. We spended the rest of the day with resting. And we met a lot of other teams. Our hostel is nice. We have rooms with 2 beds for all of us.

Today are the presentations. We are looking forward to learn what the other teams did.

Regards Ruben

On our way

Hello everyone,

we are on our way to Zagreb. At the moment close to munich. 600km left. Still a long ride.

Our planes and all the luggage is packed to the cars. We will be 12 people for the competition.

After our arrival today we will have some time left to see zagreb, practice our presentations or meet other teams.

Tomorrow will be the presentation day with the technical inspection. On Wendsday the flight competition starts. We are looking forward to it!

Best wishes! Ruben

Milling of the wing molds

Many stressfull evenings and nights are gladly over now. Our team member Matthias spend many hours milling the molds for the wing. This is not only noisy and dirty but we also can do this only in the evenings, at night or on weekends becasue otherwise the office workers in the building would be disturbed.

Many hours of sanding, filling and again sanding will follow now before the first wing element drops out of the mold. But in general we are still in time and looking forward to build the plane ….

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Let’s get serious !

The raw material for mold making has arrived. Just has to be cut into a here not specified number of pieces and we can start milling. Many long nights are in front of us 🙂